Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in business tort claims in state and federal courts and arbitration proceedings. The breadth of our experience in handling these matters allows us to thoroughly analyze business tort claims, counterclaims and defenses, and to prepare and present our clients’ claims and defenses effectively and efficiently.

Business torts – fraud, tortious interference with contract, theft of trade secrets and the like – are a regular feature of commercial disputes. Sometimes these claims form the heart of the case, and sometimes they merely supplement a contract claim. Either way, they create the risk of punitive damages and reputational harm. Sidley has extensive experience both prosecuting and defending business torts, and has done so economically and effectively.

Fraud claims are among the most commonly asserted torts in the commercial context. Whether brought under the common law or state or federal statutes, a fraud claim can jeopardize a business’ financial and reputational interests. In disputes between businesses, Blackmon & Blackmon have regularly represented clients as plaintiffs or defendants in fraud claims; in the class action context, we have successfully defended many of our clients against claims of consumer fraud and other accusations of tortious conduct.

Blackmon & Blackmon  also has extensive experience in pursuing and defending other business torts as well: tortious interference with contract or prospective business relations, business disparagement, unfair competition and theft of trade secrets, among others. It is not uncommon for these sorts of claims to arise on an emergency basis, with one side or the other seeking a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction. Blackmon’s litigators have extensive experience in protecting the interests of our clients in these emergency matters in both state and federal courts.